Is Your Business Prepared for the Next Big Hurricane?

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The Best Hurricane Preparedness Plan for Businesses

Hurricanes are a potential threat to every business. Whether you are in the path of a storm or not, you may have customers and vendors in the affected region. These catastrophic storms can cause supply chain disruptions due to port and airport closings, flooding of major roads, communication disruptions and power outages.

Add to this the increasing frequency and intensity of the Atlantic hurricane season, and businesses who are unprepared may have trouble recovering. Of all weather disasters, hurricanes are the most costly and have caused an average of $22 billion in damage per event. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 90% of small businesses fail within a year after a disaster if they can't resume operations within five days.

Brosnan Risk Consulting is a world leader in Security Services that provides disaster response services, and over the past many years we have found that preparation is key to ensuring your business survives and thrives after a hurricane. With little planning, you can mitigate your risk and be confident that, no matter what damage a storm brings, your business will be secure.

In The Essential Hurricane Preparedness Guidebook you will learn:

  • Plans that should be in place before a storm comes.
  • What you can do to keep your business, your employees and your customers safe during a hurricane or tropical storm.
  • How to rebound quickly after the storm has moved through your area.
  • Much, much more!

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